The Vinyl Skyway (self​-​titled)

by the Vinyl Skyway

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Debut album, recorded at Q Division. The first installment of the Vinyl Skyway featured Hayes, Santospago, Jon Frederick on bass, Kelly McCann on harmonies, a series of drummers including Ben Hedlund and John Sands, Scott Eisenberg and Ned Armsby, Matt Tahaney on bass, JP Powell on keys and a big list of other friends who chipped in. Much of the album comes out of the wake of 9/11, and the death of my Dad, LJ Hayes. This record was picked up by Nic Harcourt of the radio show "Morning Becomes Eclectic". Album mixed by David Minehan and Dave Westner at the original Woolly Mammoth (one of the last sessions at the Boylston studio). Sir David James Minehan contributed slide guitar on "Shine".


released November 4, 2004

Recorded at Q Division by Bil Bowen, assisted by Matt Tahaney. Mixed at Woolly Mammoth Sound by David Minehan. Mastered with Dave Locke at jP Masters.


all rights reserved



the Vinyl Skyway Boston, Massachusetts

The Vinyl Skyway is an American rock group led by singer/songwriters Michael Hayes and Andy Santospago, established in 2003. Music critic Jonathan Perry observes that "writing stunning songs that soar and transcend whatever difficult circumstances that inspired them is something this band has always done supremely well." “Long Cool Journey” will be released May of 2018 and is now on pre-order. ... more

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Track Name: Rich Blood
I'm waiting for the storm to bring
a cleansing tide to the shores we sing
We sit alone, it was us two
sunlit island with a killer view
My wine, a stain in your carpet
This dime is all that I carry
It's time to batten down hatches
and lock you inside
Criticize, don't learn
Agonize, not figure it out
Let the blood, it's my turn
to turn the knife
Rich blood
Get off your phone while you're driving
You're so impatient
take take take take
You wear a front when you can't fake what you do
Rich blood
Track Name: That Girl
That girl, she stands by the corner
waist high, knee deep
in my attention
What she wants
is of no consequence to you
by now
Her man is working
the street corner
his cocaine, green lies
it's love, affection
Any other girl
would fool around on the side
Any other girl
would choose to waste my time
Any other girl...far from here by now
That girl
Track Name: Elvis Costello
woke up again, watched you wasted
dreaming of days, sadness we tasted
figured out words you chose to get by
listening to Elvis Costello
watching the set, rocking my pillow
scratching your vinyl
waving my bonny goodbye
put a rock through your window with a sling shot
what made you snitch on your friends for a dime?
playing tables and smoking in the basement
aint much to do here but sit and pass the time
lay you down, 20 feet under
this murder's a crime
it's time to move away from your home
blame it on
early morning blunder
figure it out
time to make sense of it all
here come the cops
soon you get busted
dangerous friend, lies we trusted
smoking a bowl and shaking my pockets for dimes
listening to This Year's Model
blazing away, mind blown mellow
holding your hand
all the way along through the night
lay you down....
Track Name: The Reverend's Prey
This is a song for the reverend's prey
the pedophile that got away
the politician who was at play before him
we came along as the peace march passed
good reforms didn't seem to last
don't look know but the earth might blow
before us
when we were kids the time would pass
like meteors on broken glass
or the sound of sunday mass commencing
and daddy told us what the bible said
sang a song when we went to bed
raised a glass when the spotlight shined upon him
but it's all wrong
we can't go home now
the truth will come somehow
and we can come to
gotta get your mind on survival
cuz youre getting blinded by the lights
the religious rights preach the bible
maybe now it's time to get it right
baby don't turn me on with your 26 smile
go to church and pray a while
as the thoughts of a broken promise pass me
are you a cause or circumstance?
i looked at you and caught your glance
i know you saw my ring while i was praying
but it's all wrong
you should go home now
the truth will come somehow
and we can come to

(outro includes exerpts from speeches by Jerry Falwell, Billy Graham, the ex-Boston Cardinal's lawyer and W.
Track Name: Lost For You (too long)
you took too long
now your fire burned out
your memory's gone
but it's too late to turn the clock back
what can i do?
i'm so lost for you
wasting these lies
tied to the telephone
i'm hanging on
to broken songs
what should i be?
a ship lost at sea
changing these lines
as the tide slips away
who do you love?
i was on the outside
there with my umbrella
you were on the inside
sitting with another fella
what can i say?
you've left, gone away
so pick up my glass
and feel myself slipping
Track Name: Shine
under the sun, under the moon
you take a drag
shine a light on me
shine a light on you
i seize the moment
wait all day and breathe my skin
you close the door
the light shines right in
shines a light on you
i feel you coming
but i'm much better in the moment
when the day is dawning
my tears within
what could be better to be with you
shine at dawn, at dusk by the moon
what could be better to be with you
darlin' i'll shine for you
shine a light on me
Track Name: Here Comes That Wave
Here comes that wave again
upon my porch I felt it splatter
took all my dream and left them shattered
here comes that wave
Track Name: Cold Feet
I'm back again on another early morning bender
Remember when I wore your heart out
it was late November
Wake me up in the middle of the night
Cold feet again, I'm walking