Everything Else

by Everything Else



The album was recorded in 1998 with David Minehan. At first it was just me and Joe Panzetta playing our folk songs, with Michael Veit on drums. We had no bass player for a while. I had never been in a band. I was clueless. I can remember not having a guitar tuner and struggling to keep my shit together at the Kendall Cafe, a mix of frigid air and HVAC heat (hell on an acoustic guitar). We were struggling with what to call ourselves. We even offered up a toaster to someone who could come up with a good band name. I liked "Old Green", the name of my pick-up truck. Joe liked another name, maybe it was Orange Crush, I can't remember. And Michael Veit like another name, maybe it was Poopy Pants.. I can't remember. Then one day we were walking through the airport and saw a trash can and another container next to it that said "everything else" so somehow, we came to that. But I really wish we had called ourselves Old Green or Orange Crush. Not Poopy Pants though. Maybe that's why we only lasted a little over 365 daze. Band names really are important, aren't they? Initially, we were unhappy with several of the tracks so we released only 7 as an EP. But probably there are 12 or so, floating around out in Seattle inside the DAT tapes I mailed to Joe back in 05. Hmmmm...where are they JOE??? We had a release show at the Burren in Davis Square, and I recall being shocked by how many people had come to see us. And horrified because I wasn't exactly at the top of my game. Everything Else peaked with a trip to CHicago, a gig at the Abbey Pub, a gig at the Common Ground where we played a Hank Williams song twice, a gig in Nantucket. I think we crumbled in New York City. I blame Peetie, the Boston Terrier. But most likely it was just planetary movement and the shift of the stars. All that said, this was one of the funnest periods of my life, and a time when I was learning to write songs and play in a band with my good buds Joe Panzetta, Michael Veit and Noah Maltsberger. We added a bassist eventually, Will Sandalls was his name. And Rob Pevitts joined up later in the game. We had a bunch of other great musicians come and play on this record as well.. Willy Porter, Pete Mulvey, Jody Blackwell, Kris Delmhorst, JP Powell... At the helm was Sir David, the dearest man in the business. Ah... Long live EE!!


released June 6, 2012

Joe Panzetta and Michael Hayes on guitars, vocals, Michael Veit on drums, Noah Maltsberger, lead electric guitar, Will Sandals on bass, JP Powell on piano, cameo appearances by Kris Delmhorst on cello, Willy Porter on guitar, Jody Blackwell on vocals, Pete Mulvey on guitar.


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the Vinyl Skyway Boston, Massachusetts

The Vinyl Skyway could be described as the one of the best rock groups you've never heard of. With three independently released studio albums of major label caliber, the group was primarily active in Boston from 2003 to 2012. The group was founded by close friends and songwriters Michael Hayes and Andy Santospago. The two continue collaborating and hope to release a fourth album in 2016. ... more

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Track Name: Day
End of the day you walk a line
between the bad and the good things
under the sky where you trip
on the lip of a day
Track Name: Rising
Today I rise with the sun
I turn to face all it is
and what I have begun
An unnamed moon
I go alone
Thoughts are flying like clouds in the air
and I'm trying to bring them home
Clear eyes and clear mind
are close at hand
These things that I feel
I understand
Today I will rise
the kind of man
who likes rising